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A Couple of Goats… (4 of 4)

‘The Bible says a woman is worth two goats and a donkey.’ This is the comment that inspired this series of posts as well as the title. As I mentioned in part 1 of A Couple of Goats, the Bible does not in fact say anything about a woman being worth any kind of livestock. […]

A Couple of Goats… (3 of 4)

Today’s subject is Ignorance As with context, Biblical ignorance is rampant among non-believers and believers alike.  The Bible may be the best selling book of all time, but I wonder if it is not the most unread.  It is so easy to quote something out of context when you haven’t read that from which you […]

A Couple of Goats… (2 of 4)

So today I want to talk about CONTEXT This is something that non-believers and Christians are both guilty of abusing all the time. Christians use it of course to defend their position. In effect they try to make God say what they want Him to say. A great example of this is found in Exodus […]

A Couple of Goats… (1 of 4)

I hear all kinds of people misquote, misinterpret, misuse, or just completely miss the point when it comes to the Word of God, the Bible. I normally just let these things roll off my back. A guy could spend a lifetime disseminating useful corrections and helpful suggestions to people who really aren’t interested in the […]