Christian Worldview In Less Than 300 Words

This is my worldview in a nutshell.

God created the universe and all that is in it. He created mankind in His very own image, which gave all of us intrinsic value. He did this out of the super abundance of His love; not because He needed to or needed any of us, but so that we could experience that love in a relationship with Him. This is what gives our lives meaning.

Our obedience to God can be summed up this way; we live our lives loving the Lover of our souls and loving those He loves. This is our purpose. Evil is a violation of that purpose. When we lie, cheat, hate, lust, etc., we violate our purpose. We have all done this and there is a consequence for this evil; it is death and eternal separation from God in hell. This is our rightful destination.

The good news is, we have a choice. While God is just and cannot pardon our transgressions, He Himself paid our debt by suffering death on a cross in the person of Christ Jesus. If we turn from our evil to put our faith in Jesus, we can experience forgiveness for all our sins once and for all. Further, because Christ rose from the grave on the third day as the scriptures said He would, proving victory over death, we can join Him as heirs to His kingdom; adopted sons and daughters living in everlasting joy and rest in Heaven. This is our confident hope.


  1. Well done! I like that you’ve expressed your Christian worldview concisely. It removes so many of the semantic stumbling blocks in many people’s minds. Because of this, “Defending” your worldview is surely an easier task, and other people are less likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the Christian faith.

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